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Thursday, October 06, 2005

YEAH, BOY!! WOO! The one DVD release I've been hoping for and praying for has finally come. On Januray 10, I'll finally be the proud owner of....

The Flash: the Complete Series

I loved this show when it was on 15 years ago! It rocked my 13-year old world! For those who don't remeber, let me recap....

John Wesley Shipp played Barry Allen, a forensic scientest with the Central City Police Department. Now, Barry comes from a family of cops, and he's somewhat of the black sheep for choosing science over old-fashioned crime fighting. His father constantly jibes him, telling him that forensic scientists aren't real cops, and he's forever stuck in the shadow of his big brother Jay, a highly decorated officer with the Central City PD.

Then, one night in the lab, a bolt of lightening strikes a rack of chemicals, and these electrified chemicals totally soak Barry Allen. He eventually discovers that this accident has given him the powers of super speed!

A little while later, Barry's brother Jay is brutally murdered by the leader of a vicious biker gang that's terrorizing Central City's streets. Learning from this that "with great power comes great responsibility," Barry dons a red costume and becomes...the Flash!

Amanda Pays was Dr. Christina McGee. She was a scientist as STAR Labs and was studying Barry to find out why those eletrified chemicals didn't kill him. Naturally, in her research, she discovered Barry's superpowers, and became a close friend, confidant, ally in the Flash's quest for justice, and possible love interest.

Finishing off the cast was Alex Desert as Dr. Julio Mendez, Barry's best friend and fellow forensic scientist. Dr. Mendez was, of course, obsessed with the Flash and always sharing a theory with Barry as to who was really the Flash.

And, of special note, is ol' Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill. In two episodes, Hamill played the Trickster, who was the Flash's equivalent of the Joker. It's a great forshadowing to Hamill having gone on to voice the Joker on Batman: The Animated Series. (Ooo, and I just found out that Hamill will actually be reprising the role of the Trickster in an upcoming episode of Justice League!)

I'm straying off topic now. The Flash: The Complete Series comes out on January 10. All 22 episodes will be beautifully digitally remastered. Sadly, there will be absolutly no bonus stuff. But, I'm just geeking out so much that they finally actually made this.

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