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Monday, February 13, 2006

It's Gonna Be a Doozy


I often find that my high-speed Internet connection can be incredibly distracting. So, when I'm serious about writing something, I'll unplug my laptop and take it to some other place in the house.

I just spent the last 2 hours at the kitchen table, writing my article about seeing Kevin Smith. It's currently at 8 pages. And only about half-done.

My best friend is the one who's really wanted to see this when it's finished, but sadly, since it's already 8 pages and only half-done, I already know what his reaction is going to be. "Ugh. It's so long, I get a headache reading it." Apparently, he can only tolerate me in small doses.

So, once it's done, I guess i'll be chopping it into three articles and running them over three weeks.

Man, I was going good, too. I didn't want to stop. But Dad wants to go to Swan Hills tomorrow, so I should probably get some sleep.

But to tide you over, here's a picture for you. I took a friend to Kevin Smith, and my friend brought his digital camera. It was a crapy camera, so here's a blurry, slightly out-of-focus picture of Kevin Smith on stage.

Trust me, that's really him

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