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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine's Day Sucks

I hate Valentine's Day, if only because I've never been able to take part in it. Never bought gifts for a girlfriend, never had a girlfriend lavish gifts on me...never even got a pity valentine in high school from the girl whose bitchiness hid a heart of gold.

Well, Seba never had any girls whose bitchiness hid a heart of gold. Just a lot of bitches.

Anyway, I just finished writing my article about seeing Kevin Smith! It came it at 15 pages. According to the document statistics, 15 pages, 102 paragraphs, 645 lines, 7194 words. And I spent 229 minutes writing it.

Because I still have some time before publishing it this weekend, I hope to do some revisions still. Like a lot of my articles, I'm not too happy with the ending, so I definitly hope to change that within the next few days.

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