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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Olympics and more about Klein

I wish I had an opinion to share on the failure of the men's hockey team. If I have an opinion, it has to be that we take our hockey - at least on the men's level - way too seriously.

Oh, well. We lick our wounds, we learn from our mistakes, and we come back in Vancouver in 2010.

I have to run into Edmonton today, so I'm wondering if I should swing by a Bell Mobility store.

We've all heard the story by now. A little over a week ago, in one of the cross-country skiing events, Canada looked poised to win the gold. But then, disaster struck! The Canadian skier broke a pole, and, with only pole, slipped back to fourth place. But then, miracle of miracles, a Norewegian coach ran out onto the field and gave the Canadian a spare pole. The Canadian was able to fight her way back up and won the silver.

Ever since, there's been a massive outpouring of good will from Canada to Norway. And, Bell Mobility, the cellphone people, are getting ready to ship cases and cases of maple syrup to Norway to say "Thank you!"

So, if you go to any Bell Mobility store right now, and make a donation of $2.50 to the Canadian Olympic team, you'll be able to write your name, e-mail, and a message of thanks on one of the labels of these bottles of maple syrup.

It's been two days since Klein's annual provincial address, and the controversy over it is heating up.

One of Klein's big announcements in the address was Alberta's investment in "clean coal technology." This is the technology that makes coal environmentally-friendly to use. Klein even went on to say that over half of Alberta's energy is made using clean coal technology, to which the entire province responded with, "Uh...no." It is true that more than half of Alberta's energy comes from coal, but that's using old-fashioned, "burn the coal and release lots of nasties into the air" technology. There is no clean coal technology being used in Alberta to generate energy.

Afterwards, we were told that Klein meant to say, "the cleanest burning coal."

Actually, I'm surprised that no one picked up on something about Klein's address that I noticed. For those who may have missed it, Klein was more of an announcer, and lots of proud Albertans gave their testimonials as to why this province is so great. There was this one teenage girl who was talking about why Alberta is so great. Her segment was full of inspiring images of her on the front steps of the legislature, and I couldn't help but think, "Hey! Wasn't that the girl on the news right before the address? You know...the unwed teenage mother who's suffering from an STD?"

And it was!

Klein's address came after the 6 o'clock news. On the news was the story that unprotected sex among teens is on the rise again. And, in that news story, they talked to a teenage mother suffering from an STD lamenting that she didn't use protection. And there, a half-hour later, she was on Klein's provincial address, extolling the joys of living in Alberta.

Do we live in a party province or what?

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