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Monday, February 06, 2006


YES YES OH GOD YES! Kevin Smith comes to Edmonton tonight! And I have tickets!

I'm really, really excited about this. Firstly, I've never, ever been to a concert before, so this'll be the closest I've ever come. (Technically, I guess, it's a lecture.) Secondly, I just love Kevin Smith. I"m currently sitting here, trying to think of a really good question to stand up and ask him during the Q&A that makes up most of his show. Right now, I'm leaning towards this one:

"OK, now, we all know the story of how you were working in the QuickStop until you finally decided to get up there and go for it and pursue your dream of making a movie. Now, I've learned from personal experience that, when you work a minimum wage shit job like that, you have this nasty tendency to get comfortable, and it sometimes takes a kick in the ass to make you go, 'Fuck this! I'm going to pursue my dream!' So, if you don't mind me asking, what was your kick in the ass?"

Right now, I'm only wondering how long his show will go. Apparently, his show in Indianapolis back on Thursday ran 6.5 hours. I'm only concerned because, at 7AM on Tuesday morning, I've got to be on the road to go sump sampling in Fox Creek. I would like to get at least a little sleep in....

In a perfect world, I'd have Tuesday off and I'd spend all Monday night writing a column about the show for my website.

I hate the double standard in our political system.

Steven Harper's cabinet has just been sworn in, and with it came the surprise that former Liberal Cabinet minister David Emmerson has just crossed the floor and become a Conservative. Under Martin, Emmerson was the Minister of Industry. Under Harper, Emmerson is going to be the "Minister of International Trade & Minister for the Pacific Gateway and the Vancouver Olympics."

Now, where's this double standard?

Are we going to see any angry editorials portraying Emmerson as a traitor and a turncoat? No.

Are we going to see any cartoons portraying Emmerson as a whore who sold himself to the highest bidder? No.

Are the Conservatvies forcing him to resign and then re-run in a byelection like they promised in the election? No.

Are we going to continue saying it all about Belinda Stronach, just because she's a woman? Yes.

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