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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

It's Midnight...I'm Rambling...and that's how this blog got its name

So much going on I want to share:

- So, tomorrow morning, Northlands is expected to announce major changes to Klondike Days. For about a decade now, they've been talking about changing the theme, and the finally did it. If the rumors are true, then tomorrow morning, it will be so long, Klondike Days! And hello...Capital Ex. As in "The Capital Exposition." Sounds like a rejected X-Men title.

- Something that was announced yesterday. Highway 21 and 63, the two roads that lead to Fort McMurray. Considered to be the most dangerous highways in the province, especially with a number of large-casualty car accidents along it. People are calling for the highway to be twinned. The government is saying, "No, the highway doesn't need to be twinned. What needs to happen is for people to finally start obeying the speed limit on that highway. Failing that, we need more cops on that highway." So, yesterday, the government announced that they would be hiring 10 special constables to patrol the highway. And, says the government, if it works well, they'll expand to put more special constables on other dangerous highways. In essence, the Alberta Government is creating a highway patrol.

Now, for as long as I can remember, there have been rumours of the Klein Government forming an Alberta Provincial Police force. I first heard the rumour about 11 years ago, when Fish and Wildlife officers were finally cleared to carry sidearms. It was whispered again about a year ago, when Klein announced that the government would be starting its own police academy, to make sure that county mounties, First Nations tribal police, and other smaller police forces get the same training.

I definitly see it happening. I say, in the next 10 years, there will be an Alberta Provincial Police.

- And hey! The second Gomery Report came down today. This report lists the way that the federal government can fix the system, so something like the sponsorship scandal will never happen again. Just think! If the Liberals had their way, we'd be calling an election now, because Paul Martin always maintained that he'd call an election when the second report came down.

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