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Monday, January 24, 2005

As you know, I saw Elektra a few nights ago. And I was wondering what everyone else was wondering. "Hey! Wasn't Ben Affleck supposed to have a cameo as Matt Murdoch and/or Daredevil?" Well, yes, he was supposed to. And yes, he even filmed it. But, as I'm sure you also know, Affleck is now dating Jennifer Garner. Once this leaked out, the panicky executives said, "Oh no! If the public learns that Ben Affleck is in a movie with his girlfriend again, it'll be 'gigli 2'!" So, the studio ordered that Affleck's cameo be cut.

It'll be interesting to see if this cameo makes the DVD, seeing as to how Elektra is bombing anyway.

Oh, and here's another DVD release to mark on your calendar. On March 29, Sony Pictures will release Astro Boy: The Complete Series. This 5-disc set will contain all 50 episodes of the classic anime - 25 of which have never been officially released in North America. I'm still trying to figure out which Astro Boy series this will be. Is it the original, B&W one from the 1960s? Will it be the one from the 1980s that I was raised on? Or will it be the new one that debuted last year? Or, dare I even speak it, is this a gargantuan set compiling all 3 series? I'll find out on March 29!

Next Issue...Atlas Attacks!

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