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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Before I kick back and write this week's column, I'd like to take a moment to address the employees of Subway.

Now, I know it annoys you every time I ask "What kind of bread do you have?" especially because you have that nice display showing the kinds of bread you have sitting right in front of where I ask this. But there's a very simple explanation as to why I do this.

I used to eat that the Drayton Valley Subway a lot, and there was this stretch when they had some really bad employees. It seemed we'd always have this covnerstation:

Clerk>> And what kind of bread would you like?
Me>> Hmm...I'll try the Parmesian Oregano.
Clerk>> Sorry! We're all out of that kind.
Me>> OK, then I'll have the Italian.
Clerk>> Uhh...we're all out of that, too.
Me>> Well, what kind of bread do you have?
Clerk>> Whole wheat.
Me>> Fine. I'll have that.

So, simply to save time, I started opening all my orders with, "What kind of bread do you have?" I'm sorry it annoys you, but it's best we get this done with up front, right?

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