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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

So, tonight on the CBC, they re-ran their Talking to Americans special. Now, I do love it, as I loved the original segment, but seriously. This special is three years old now. Surely, they have enough material in the archives to do a volume 2.

Actually, it stirred up some old memories of Talking to Americans. I remember, after the whole "Jean Poutine" incident, Rick Mercer was actually interviewed on the American news show Nightline. On the show, Mercer said that he'd be retiring the bit, as he was now kind of letting the cat out of the bag.

But what I really loved was what I read in the paper about a month after this interview. One of those American morning shows wanted to get back at us, so they were going to start doing "Talking to Canadians." They went on up to Halifax to film the first ever "Talking to Canadians," but they had to give up by lunchtime. Far too many people were going, "Yeah, right!" and laughing at this American TV crew. They got absolutly no usable material.

And I'm all obsessed with Pokemon right now. Turns out, this fall, not only will Pokemon be starting its 8th season, we'll be getting the first official spin-off. It's called Pokemon Chronicles, and no one is quite sure what it's about yet. Some say that it'll be all about Misty. (She left the show at the start of season 6, you see.) Others say that it'll finally be an import of Pokemon Housou. I hope it's not that. I watched Pokemon Housou when I was in Japan. All it is really is a clip show where they highlight past episodes.

Oh, and there's going to be an 8th movie, too! Coming out on July 15, Pokemon: Mew and the Riders of the Waves features the long-awaited return of Mew.

And Pokemon: Emerald Edition comes out in April. Emerald Edition is the "special edition" of Ruby/Sapphire, much like Crystal to Gold/Silver and Yellow to Red/Blue.

And that's all.

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