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Sunday, January 02, 2005

First and foremost, latest column's up! I have So Much Left To Do:

"And another semester has come to an end! What a trip it was! Assuming you were actually interested in the trip. Let’s face it, ever since a few articles about Christians, women, and asthma-sufferers, this paper has gotten somewhat stale. Everyone in the Nugget office – well, no one, really, as editor-in-chief David Fester has been even more invisible than Colin Perillo – has been walking on eggshells, wondering what Big Brother NAITSA will approve for publication. The Nugget has become a pale, Disney-fied version of itself; our school’s very own equivalent of American overreaction to Janet Jackson showing a little nip."

Click Here to read it all

And, I'd like to take a moment to rave about the websites I've been frequenting lately....

Rebel Scum.com - What Yo Joe! is to to G.I. Joe, Rebel Scum is to Star Wars action figures. A complete archive of just about every figure ever made from that galaxy far, far away. They've got a pretty complete list of Star Wars comics, too.

The Official Hinterland Who's Who Website - In case there are Americans reading this, Hinterland Who's Who is this classic series of PSAs put out by the Canadian Wildlife Service, highlighting a certain Canadian animal. They were brought back about a year ago, with a new environmentalist angle. Now, they focus on endangered species, and what you can do to help save that animal. And, there's a whole website to go with it. What I thought was cool about the website was you can download all the classic Hinterland Who's Who PSAs, going all the way back to 1960!

The Official Pokemon Website - Yeah, I've been playing around here, mainly because they've finally put up a fully interactive pokedex. You can look up every pokemon from every game now. Forget the original 151 that started out. There are now 386. And they're all catalgoued for your convenience.

Next Issue...Two-Badd Strikes!

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