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Friday, January 28, 2005

Discovering the joys of apartment living...was woken up by some mysterious thumps from next door. We're not talking gentle knocks, this is sledgehamer-against-the-wall kind of stuff.

Anyway, here's some cool news. Famous Players is slashing their ticket prices by $4. Yup, for an adult to go to the movies, it's no longer $14, it's $10. Kids and seniors are still $8.50, though. Essentially, what they've done is roll back the clock to 1998. In a statement from president Bobb Chase, Chase says that they're doing this because, even though profits are up, attendance is down. And really, it's attendance that drives this business. As the Globe & Mail points out, just dropping the price by a buck or two really wouldn't have made a difference.

There's only one thing that really sucks about this. Famous Players is ONLY DOING IT IN ONTARIO. Apparently, we in the rest of the country don't like lower ticket prices.

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