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Friday, January 07, 2005

Wow. Today was the first time in my life that the neighbours called up to complain about me.

See, here's the story. I gave my Dad a laser level for Christmas, and I was playing with it tonight. I was shining it out the window, and I noticed that it was shining on the neighour's house. I went, "Woah, cool!" and showed that to my parents. After playing with the laser and shining it on my neighbour's house some more, I turned it off.

About 5 minutes later, the phone rang. Mom picked up the cordless phone and looked at the call display. "Let me guess," I jokingly said. "It's the neighbours, calling to complain about the laser." Mom's face went white. "Yes it is," she said. So, Mom took the phone call, from my very elderly, cranky neighbour as he complained about me shining this red light in his window.

So, I felt bad. And I wouldn't have made such a big deal about being able to shine the laser on the neighbour's house if it weren't for one fact:

This neighbour lives two blocks away. I was shining the laser two blocks down the street.

Needless to say, I'll only use the laser for one purpose from now on: pestering the cat.

Anyway, we're getting a bunch of free cable channels this month, including Lone Star - the all-Westerns channel. So, I've been re-aquainting myself with The Lone Ranger. You've got to love the Lone Ranger. It's the best of comics and the best of cowboys, all rolled into one.

Next Issue...No More Lasers

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