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Tuesday, February 01, 2005


So, here I was, hoping to buy The Lord of the Rings Trilogy in one fell swoop. I wanted to get a boxed set, but they kept telling me that one was never released. Bear in mind, I didn't want the extended editions, just the theatrical editions. So, I sighed in disgust, and began buying the films individually. Only one I could find was The Fellowship of the Ring. (The only one I could find in widescreen; everyone else has it in fullscreen.)

Now, doing some online browsing, I see that the boxed set of the theatrical editions comes out next week.


Oh, well. Hopefully with this, stores will finally re-stock on the theatrical widescreen editions so I can complete my collection.

And I'm being picky, too. Hoping to pick it up at Future Shop so I can blow my Christmas gift card on LOTR. Guess I'll have to make a trip home so I can the Future Shops in Edmonton.

Next Issue...I Wonder Why the Wonder Falls on Me

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