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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Well, the big news today...Quentin Tarintino will be directing the season finale of CSI: Crime Scene Investigations. Turns out Tarintino has been a big fan since the first season, and negotiations to get him to direct an episode have been going on ever since. The episode, while written by CSI creator Anthony Zuiker, CSI spinoffs creator Carol Mendelsohn, and CSI writer Naren Shankar, is based on an idea that Tarintino pitched. The episode will air May 19.

This isn't Tarintino's first foray into TV. He directed an episode of ER, back when that show was hot and fresh, and he's made a guest shot on Alias. He was also in negotiations once to do an episode of the X-Files but that fell through.

And got some good DVD news today. Look like work has finally begun on a super-special edition of Titanic. This'll follow the same model as The Lord of the Rings. That is, there'll be a 2-disc special edition with a nice selection of bonus stuff, and then a 4-disc super duper mega edition with absolutly everything related to the making of the film. They're shooting for a fourth quarter release, meaning you can give it to me for Christmas.

Oh, and one last bit. Because of the success of Clerks X, Kevin Smith has been running around saying he's going to do Mallrats X and Chasing Amy X.

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