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Friday, February 04, 2005

Let me take a minute to do a quick movie news review:

Spider-Man 3 - Sam Raimi recently announced that he has decided on who the
villain will be...but he's not saying. Raimi somewhat cynically revealed
that he can't say who he chose because Marvel and Sony want to announce it
in a big, hype-inducing event.

Kiki's Delivery Service - Disney is doing a live-action remake of the Hayo
Miyazaki classic! Part of the logic behind this is that Eiko Kadano's
original Kiki books are finally being published in English, and some say
that it'll be the next Harry Potter. Disney has put in charge of this the
team of Don Murphy (the producer of The League of Extrodinary Gentlement
and the upcoming live-action Transformers), Mark Gordon (the producer of
Speed, Saving Private Ryan, and The Day After Tomorrow) and Susan
Montford (can't find any credits at the IMDB).

Casino Royale - The name of the next James Bond movie has been revealed!
Martin Campbell, who did GoldenEye, The Mask of Zorro, and its upcoming
sequel The Legend of Zorro, is back as director. No word on wether it'll
be based on the original Ian Flemming novel Casino Royale. I don't know.
I think this decision would NOT have been made if it weren't for Quentin
Tarintino running around saying he wanted to do Casino Royale. (He'd been
saying it since Jackie Brown, but for some reason no one took him
seriously until Kill Bill.) In case you don't know, Casino Royale was
the very first James Bond novel. It has almost no action and is 100%
character driven. Bond's assignment is simply to go to the titular casino
and keep tabs on an enemy agent. Tarintino also said that the book is now
so far removed from "the Bond formula" that it'd never be made.

And also...Disney has opened up a brand new animation studio! It's purpose is to do nothing but make Pixar sequels. The first product will be Toy Story 3.

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