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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

So, today, I scrimped and saved my money and I treated myself to a newspaper. And, what did I see on the front page of the entertainment section than the happiest news I'd ever seen?

Silver City in West Edmonton Mall is cutting its ticket prices.

Yup. From $14 down to $11. This is a massive initiative being undertaken by Famous Players Theatres to try and boost attendence. they did it in Ontario last month with huge results! Turns out that the Edmonton Silver City is the last Silver City to cut ticket prices. The manager of Silver City Edmonton says that the experiment in Ontario and other cities has been amazingly successful. Gee, lower ticket prices gets more people to the movies...I agree. It's surprising that it worked.

But, there is some bad news with this good news, though. $11 is the same price that Silver City charged on Tuesdays and for weekday matinees. Since the cheap price is now the same as the regular price, there's only one solution. That's right, do away with cheap prices! Hot ticket Tuesdays and cheap weekday matinees are now a thing of the past at Famous Players theatres.

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