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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

I don't know how much time I have left.

Man, I love cryptic opening lines.

What I mean is my laptop is starting to make the same...hiccups that my old laptop used to make shortly before it broke down. I don't know how much longer my laptop has. I personally think it has something to do with those two viruses my computer has picked up, but my computer keeps mysteriously shutting down before a scan can be completed.

Just giving you the heads up, in case things go from bad to worse in the not to distant future.

Anyway, I have to get back in the groove of doing this. Here's today's (Tuesday's) hot new DVD releases! AS always, this is just cut and pasted from Cinescape so I can read it on the air.

EDISON: THE INVENTION OF THE MOVIES (Kino) Where did movies come from? Thomas Edison had more to do with the technical and marketing development of the motion picture than any other individual, and his work is celebrated in this special 4-disc set, which includes over 140(!) films produced by his company between 1891 and 1918, and two hours of interviews with experts. See! The premiere of one of the earliest films ever made, rescued from the Edison lab! See! An 1895 SOUND film! See! A full color 1906 short! Plus early stop-motion, the first tracking shot, early trick films, and more!

GET SHORTY Collector’s Edition (MGM) Just in time for the sequel!

HEAT (Warner Bros.) Underrated Michael Mann action thriller in which L.A. cop Al Pacino tries to keep master thief Robert De Niro from knocking over an armored car. Special edition features additional scenes, commentrak, featurettes and more.

I HEART HUCKABEES (Fox) Frustrated activist Jason Schwartzman employs existential investigators Lily Tomlin and Dustin Hoffman to look into apparent synchronicities, sparking a chain reaction of unusual events in this terrific comedy from David O. Russell. Also available in a 2-disc special edition that includes 2 commentraks, deleted scenes, gag reel, outtakes, featurettes and more. 2-disc special edition also includes more featurettes, Charlie Rose interviewing Russell, deleted scenes, outtakes, music video and more.

PROJECT X (Anchor Bay) Matthew Broderick tries to help chimps trained to fly fighter jets in this silly 1987 adventure. (Saw this movie a lot when I was a kid.)

THE CAT RETURNS (Buena Vista) When a girl saves a stray cat, he turns out to be a Cat King that rewards her generosity in this Studio Ghibli feature. With Making-Of and more.

NAUSICAƄ IN THE VALLEY OF THE WIND (Buena Vista) 1984 classic from anime master Hayao Miyazaki in which a warrior princess battles an invasion of big bugs. Includes featurettes and complete storyboards.

PORCO ROSSO (Buena Vista) Whimsical adventure comedy from Hayao Miyazaki set in an aviation-mad world where a pilot cursed to look like a pig is a great hero. Includes featurettes and complete storyboards.

SOUTH PARK: Complete Fifth Season (Paramount) Just when you think a series should be losing steam - more classic episodes! With commentraks and more. Also available bundled with the first four seasons.

STRIPPERELLA: Season One Uncensored (Paramount) Pamela Anderson voices this satirical stripper/superhero for 13 episodes. (This is a mind-numbingly dumb cartoon. I'm constantly amazed at the A-list of animation talent that went into it.)

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