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Friday, March 10, 2006

Canadian Pop Culture Update

16 freakin' million dollars.

That's how much Rick Mercer's "Liberal Leadership Kit" is currently selling for.

When the $16 million bid went up, attributed to a "Brad Barnett," many wondered if this was a hoax, or if this Bard Barnett was real and/or serious. That led to Barnett sending out a very angry news release on Thursday that yes, he is real, yes, he is serious, yes, he does have the money, and that he's "a new breed of politician."

In this morning's Edmonton Journal, Mercer finally spoke up on how out-of-hand this has gotten. Mercer is a little worried because, if it really does sell for $16 million, Mercer himself has to pony up a $250,000 seller's fee.

Says Mercer about this, "It started out as an idea in a bar, and like a lot of ideas that start in bars, it's ending badly." Mercer originally thought that it would only go for around $500, and that the money would be spent on beer for his staff, but, when the bidding first reached $20,000, he decided to give the money to charity, because that much beer for his staff would have a serious effect of productivity.

Mercer also predicted/hoped that a lot of these ridiculously high bids would eventually be recinded as the auction's close drew nearer.

Well, Ted and Gloria, aka "the Canadian Tire couple," are no more.

You know them. Those annoying next door neighbours who are always hocking the latest gadget from Canadian Tire. Their commercials have been running for almost a decade. Canadian Tire has decided to axe the campaign because, according to their market research, far too many people find them annoying.

Seriously. Type in "Canadian Tire Guy" into Google, and you'll find dozens of website dedicated to hating the couple.

Canadian Tire unveils their new ad campaing tomorrow.

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