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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Rick Mercer Rocks

Damn I love Rick Mercer.

In the grand tradition of the "Getting Stockwell Day to change his first name to Doris" campaign, Mercer's hit another grand slam.

He announced it on his show last night. He pointed out that the Liberal leadership is "no longer the prize it once was," and that how all the front-runners for the leadership dropped out shortly after it was announced. Mercer went on to point out that current front-runners are Bob Ray and Belinda Stronarch, "two people whose biggest assets are they came from other parties."

So, what's Mercer doing about this?

He's auctioning off the Liberal leadership on eBay!

Now, the winning bidder does not get to lead the federal Liberals. Instead, the winning bidder gets 15 minutes of time with the Rick Mercer Report writers to craft a campaign message, and use of the Rick Mercer Report printer to print off flyers.

Bidding started at $15 "to discourage vanity candidates."

I just checked up on it. The auction's been going for about 12 hours now, and bidding has risen to $15,100. (As of 9 AM MST.)

Click here to see the auction for yourself.

And check out the official Rick Mercer Report website, where you can watch the video of Rick Mercer announcing the auction.

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