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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Red Green is Ending!

I only recently discovered that that Canadian classic The Red Green Show will be having its final episode very, very soon. It has been on for 15 years. The final episode will be episode #300.

I'm sure we all know the history of the show by now. The character of Red Green was originally created by Steve Smith as part of his Smith and Smith Comedy Hour, which ran from from 1979 - 1986. Red Green started off as a parody of Canadian fishing show host Red Fisher.

In 1991, when there was an explosion of self-help and home improvement shows, Smith thought the time was righ to spoof those shows, with Red Green as the host. So, he launched the Red Green Show, originally produced by CHCH-TV in Hamilton.

The show was syndicated for a few years, bounced around from producer to producer, even settled on the Global for a while. (Those were the years where it was called The New Red Green Show.) Sales to PBS in the USA also created a strong cult following the States. And finally, it settled on the CBC in 1997.

I can't find when exactly the final episode will air, but going by the episode guide on the official Red Green website, and based on the episode that I saw last Friday, and counting forward, the final episode will be on April 7. I'm assuming. Consult your local listings, as they say on the talk shows.

According to the official website, the final episode is entitled "Do As I Do," and the plot is:

- Harold's getting married. When he loses the church, he moves the wedding to Possum Lodge.
- "Finale" is the secret word in the Possum Lodge Word Game
- Bill turns in all his stuff from his adventures, leading to his final adventure.
- In the Handyman's Corner, Red shows us how to build a perpetual motion machine.
- Red says good-bye to the audience from his desk. (You know, those monologues that he ends with, "And remember, I'm pullin' for ya. We're all in this together.")
- And then, we flash forward 10 years to see what happened to everyone.

Ah, The Red Green Show. Truly, a Canadian icon.

And, as one icon falls, another one rises. Monday night sees the end of the third season of Corner Gas. The season finale is entitled "Road Worthy." Lacey buys a new car and decides to take Brent along, because all men know stuff about cars. Since Emma always hates her anniversary gift, Oscar decides to go out of his way and get one that she'll really hate. And Davis and Karen decide to switch junk food because of all the "cops love donuts" jokes.

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