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Thursday, March 09, 2006

A Day of Mixed Blessings

Right now, I'm really mad with myself.

I had a phone interview all lined up for a job in Dawson Creek, BC. The guy told me he would call this morning to do the interview. So, I waited by the phone all morning. And I waited. And I waited. When noon hit, I said, "Well, I guess he's not calling...already filled the position and all that." And my Dad said, "Hey, Mark! I've got to go into Edmonton for a few hours. Want to come?" And I said, "Sure!"

Three hours later, we get home. The dude called me at 2PM.

I tried calling him back, but the only thing I got from the phone number he gave me where the clicks and whistles of a fax machine. I finally dug through my records and found his e-mail and e-mailed him, but no response.

I don't know. Was I right in taking off like I did? I mean, he did say he was going to call this morning. He did not call. I was justified in stepping out, right?

I'm trying not to be upset. After all, when we had a preliminary interview back on Tuesday night, he did ask me all the questions that aren't supposed to be asked in a job interview: "Do you drink? Do you smoke? Are you married? How old are you?" He also said that not being married got me onto "the short short list."

Man, I feel stupid.

But, there is some good news. What always cheers me up is playing with new technology! Why did Dad and I have to go into Edmonton? To pick up our...brand new digital camera! So, let's test this sucker out, and we can boldly go where no woman has gone before - my bedroom! (Or, as I like to call it, the "Markcave.")

Here's a small chunk of my action figure collection. I call this "the Star Wars Wall."

Here is my bed. This is where I sleep. And, some nights, not sleep.

This is my desk. This is where I do brilliant work such as these blog entries.

This is my dresser, cluttered with the latest additions to my action figure collection.

Hey, someone bought a microphone!

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