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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Dance Around the World

I first discovered the whole YouTube thing when my sister sent me this now famous viral video:

Thanks to Wikipedia, I was able to do the reading up on that dancin' fool. Matt Harding is his name. He was a video game designer, who was growing a little despondent over the popularity of first person shooter video games. One day, he sarcastically made a comment where they should make a first person shooter where the object is to "kill everyone on Earth." When his bosses actually liked that proposal and decided to make it, Harding decided to quit his job, cash in his savings, and travel the world.

(Incidentally, the game based on his proposal is Destroy All Humans!)

That first dancing video was spliced together from his home movies on his trip. It became a viral video hit in 2005, and Harding got his 15 minutes of fame. Stride Gum decided to sponsor him in making a second video, which went online in '06.

Now, two years later, his third dancing around the video has gone online, and is so popular, it's crashing YouTube:

Damn. I find these videos to be awe-inspiring. Just about everyone I know gets inspired to do more traveling because of them.

I'm going to do it someday, and I'll make my own video. I've even got my music already picked out.

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