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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

New Computer and New Nightmare Before Christmas DVD!

I really have to start getting serious about my new computer. I just ran Disc Clean-Up and only freed up 1G. There has to be something wrong with my computer. It just sits there, doing nothing, and yet, the hard drive gets fuller and fuller...spy ware, a virus, something's filling it up. And yet the scans say nothing.

Which is why it's time for something new. I said I'd blow my tax refund on a new machine, and it's time to do so. As I've blogged previously, I really just wanted to go to CompuSmart in Edmonton and get my ideal system on a one-stop shopping trip, but CompuSmart is no more.

The trend right now are these little Mom & Pop computer stores that build-to-order. I've talked to family and friends about which Mom & Pop store to go to, and everyone tells me that the one in their neighbourhood is the best. Each Mom & Pop store is unique and differnt, but they all seem to build Acers.... And of course, lots of my friends also own Dells, that's what we use at work, and they seem pretty reliable.

I hereby declare I'll have my new machine by the end of June.

In the past, I've often decried against the crime of DVD double dipping. I've already bought it once, I should never have to buy it again! I only succumb to the double dip when it's a movie I really, really like and/or there are enough bonus materials to warrant buying it again.

So I will be succumbing to the double dip on August 26, when I run out to buy Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas: Collector's Edition.

Granted, The Nightmare Before Christmas got a really nice single-disc special edition about 7 or 8 years ago. But this new edition is a 3-DISC special edition! For bonus materials, you get:

- a brand new, anamorphic widescreen transfer for the film.
- an all-new running commentary with writer/producer Tim Burton, director Henry Selick, and composer Danny Elfman.
- 4 featurettes: The Making of The Nightmare Before Christmas, the Worlds of The Nightmare Before Christmas, What's This?: Jack's Haunted Mansion Holiday Tour, and Introduction to Frankenweenie!
- Tim Burton's Original Poem, as read by Christopher Lee.
- storyboard to film comparisons
- deleted scenes
- the original trailers
- a gallery of movie posters
- Tim Burton's classic short film Vincent
- and a brand new introduction by Tim Burton.

Disc 3 of the set will contain the electronic copy. This is a new trend that's popping up on DVD. The electronic copy is the film already rippped and saved as a movie file, so that way you can copy the file right onto your iPod without any unneccessary ripping, and it's all legal.

For those who have already made the Great Upgrade, it's also being released on Blu-Ray.

And for the ultimate fans, there'll also be a special gift set, where in addition to the 3-disc special edition, you also get a limited edition, hand-painted bust of Jack Skellington, complete with a sound chip so it plays voice clips from the film.

August 26.

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