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Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday Night Ramblings

Holy crap!

After seeing a few of the commercials, I finally had to confirm it online.

One of the celebrity judges on the upcoming CBC reality TV show How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria? is none other than Captain Jack Harkness!

That show just might be worth watching!

So I finally have the entire run of Star Trek: The Next Generation on DVD.

I finished Season 5, of which one of the highlights is Unification, aka "The two-parter with Spock." Watching that episode brought back a fond memory.

At the height of its run, TNG was on when I was in junior high. I had fully latched onto Star Trek, and was running full bore down the path to nerd-dom. Needless to say, I had become an object of ridicule...par for the course, as it were. My school had this thing called USSR: uninterrupted sustained silent reading. Every day, for 15 minutes, the whole school would shut down and everyone would read. Because I was such a hardcore trekkie, at every USSR I would lose myself in the latest Star Trek paperback.

This one particular week, my English teacher was gone and we had a substitute teacher. To every 14-year old girl that was in the ninth grade with me, he was just the dreamiest teacher ever to walk into a classroom. They were all fawning over him, crushing on him, stuff like that.

And then...Friday. Star Trek was on that night, and I was all anxious to see Unification part II, and see Picard's adventure with Spock. As USSR drew near, I pulled out my Star Trek paperback and started finding my place.

Well, Mr. McDreamy Substitute Teacher saw my paperback, and his eyes grew wide. "Dude! Star Trek!" He flashed the Vulcan salute and said, "Tonight's the one with Spock! Is that going to rock or what?" and we spent a good five minutes debating all things Trek.

If you listened really carefully, you could the heart of every 14-year old girl in that room breaking. If you took a picture of the class, you would see a lot of fawning eyes filling with dread.

Those young ladies learned that Mr. McDreamy Substitute Teacher had a fatal flaw. He was a nerd like me.

That's the day that I learned that the geek shall inherit the Earth.

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