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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Little Mosque in the USA

I just saw George Strombolopilis talk about this, and I had to go online to confirm it.

The Fox Network is going to produce an American version of Little Mosque on the Prairie.

WestWind Pictures, the company that makes Little Mosque, signed the deal with the Fox network earlier today. they say that the American version is going to be largely the same, just set in an American prairie town. It'll most likely be a mid-season replacement next year.

I guess I'll have to give Little Mosque another chance. I watched it off and on in its first season and was largely underwhelmed. As sitcoms go, it was surprisingly...conventional. If their goal was to show that Muslims are the same as everyone else, they succeeded overwhelmingly. Now they should have some more wacky adventures.

And in some happier news, Sports Night is returning to DVD!

Like a lot of people, I thought Sports Night was a damn brilliant TV show. It was the first TV product from Aaron Sorkin, who went on to give us The West Wing and Studio 60. It came out on DVD 6 years ago, but it's long since out of print.

Well, a brand new 10th anniversary edition is coming on September 30! My calendar is circled.

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