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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Ahh, today was a very good day.

So, my friend Trouble is getting ready to leave the country. She leaves on Monday for Scotland. Her goal over the next four or five years is to just kind of work her way across Europe. Naturally, we've been trying to do one last thing together. Finally, I threw out a proposal that we talked about doing several years ago, but never did.

Being the political junkies we are, we went to the Alberta Legislature and took the tour. It was a lot of fun...and also kind of funny. Our tour group had to dodge and work its way around about three dozen school field trips. I remember a friend from univeristy complaining that, when she was in elementary school, just about every field trip was to the planetarium. I wonder if Edmonton school kids feel the same way about the Legislature.

When we were done there, we also did something we always wanted to do but never did: take the streetcar over the High Level Bridge. Of course, I had to explain to her why there were railroad tracks on top of the High Level Bridge (back when there was a railyard in downtown Edmonton, the High Level Bridge was the start of the main line to Calgary) and why every sign on the streetcar was in Japanese. (Edmonton's streetcar preservation society bought it from the city of Osaka in 1990, when Osaka retired its streetcars. The original plan was to strip it for parts, but it was in such good condition, they decided to leave it as is.)

And then, we got back to her place and I revealed my ulterior motive. About a year ago, she told me that she was cleaning out her apartment when she came across about a dozen postcards and letters that she wrote to me when I was in Japan, but she never got around to sending them. And, every time we got together, I asked her if she had them, and she would make all kinds of funny noises that meant she forgot. So, today, with me at her front doorstep, she had no reason to forget to give them to me! right?

"Oh, they're in the bottom of a suitcase, ready to go to Scotland."

WHAT?? So I've officially given up, chalking this up to just one of those quirks that makes me love Trouble.

There's more to say about the day, but I think it'll make a much nicer column.

Oh, and I picked up the 2-disc special edition of Star Trek: Insurrection. I must say, I was rather disappointed. Out of all the bonus materials they could have had, they forgot to include the second-most-infamous cut scene in all the Star Trek films:

Quark's cameo!

See, originally, Quark had a cameo at the end. As the Enterprise crew was getting ready to leave, Quark was going to show up and, having heard of the regenerative properties of the planet, have a proposal to open up some kind of spa on the planet. The Enterprise crew was going to tell him to fuck off, and Quark beamed out.

It was cut because it was completely gratuitious and pointless.

It's kind of sad that they didn't put it in the cut scenes. It would have also made a great Easter egg....

However, they did include the infamous "library scene." Well, it was only infamous among my clique of trekkies at Augustana, because one in our ranks had an autographed photo of the librarian.

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