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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Latest column's up! This week we go to The Leg:

"We have once again reached a point in my life where I must say farewell to a friend. “Trouble,” a long time confidant from the time of Augustana, is embarking for places unknown. Well, Scotland really. She just always wanted to travel the world, and figured she ain’t getting any younger. Scotland is the first stop, where she’ll spend a year or two living with a friend and working for living. From there, it’ll be a nomadic existence as she works her way across Europe. She figures she’ll be home by 2010. But of course, I wasn’t going to let her go without one final day together."

As always, read it all here!

And I should point out that "Leg" is pronunced "Lej." It's the common slang term for the Alberta Legeslature Building.

I had a really weird dream last night.

It was weird in that I was playing the Alf computer game.

I have fond memories of the Alf computer game. It was the first computer game I ever had. I was never able to finish it. And it only had 4 levels. But they were very difficult.

The story is this. You are Alf. You're finally getting off your butt and fixing your spaceship. But, of course, you need the parts to fix your spaceship. So, you had to sneak out into the neighbourhood and collect the parts. It went like this.

- Catch 4 cats and take them back to the Tanner family garage. That unlocks...
- 2 spaceship parts. Catch them and take them back to the garage. That unlocks...
- 1 key, to activate the spaceship parts. Catch it and take it back to the garage. That unlocks...

The next level.

How is this very difficult? Well, you could only catch a cat if you had a pizza. Having a pizza starts a 10 second timer, and you have to catch the cat in that 10 seconds. And the cats were tough to catch.

Plus, you also had to watch out for:

- The dog catcher. He'd mistake Alf for a dog and take him to the pound. That costs you a life.
- Willie Tanner. If Willie catches you sneaking around the neighborhood, he'll make you throw away everything you've caught. Good-bye cats, parts, and keys. You're starting all over.
- Garbage cans. Bump into one, and your out for 10 seconds.

I still have the floppy disc. It doesn't work anymore, though. Probably deteriorated after the 18 years or so I've had it. I'm sure if I look hard enough, I can find it online.

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