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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Aww man.

How long does it take for a freakin' postcard to get to Entwistle from Denmark?

My best freind's over there, hanging with his in-laws and boldly going and all that. About a week ago he coyly said that he "may have sent me a postcard, and it may be from Legoland." And I've been waiting and waiting for a week! A week now! When I sent postcards home from Japan it never took this long.

Now, granted there are many explanations. Entwistle's postmistress has quite the reputation for spreading gossip when she should be sorting mail. Or maybe my friend didn't send it by air mail, instead opting for good ol' fashioned boat mail. If that's the case, then my postcard is probably on a boat pulling into Halifax harbour as I write this.

Speaking of postcards, my sister in Switzerland made her weekly check-in call on Monday. Seems she finally went to the Italian town of Pisa. She says I can expect a postcard of the leaning tower in the mail. She was telling me about all the different postcards that they sell of the leaning tower. She says that you can get a postcard of just about any cartoon character propping up the leaning tower. "They had Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Mr. Incredible, Winnie the Pooh...they must have signed some kind of deal with Disney!" she told me. She said that the most popular was Pinochio. Took me a while to remember that Pinnochio is an Italian creation, so no wonder he's the most popular.

So that's two postcards I'm sitting by the mail box, eagerly waiting for. Damn you, snail mail!

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