Just forget the words and sing along

Friday, June 17, 2005

Hawkgirl>> Less talking, more hitting!

Flash>> I have a seat at the big table! I'm even thinking about having my logo painted on it!

(Green Lantern's pounding the snot out of the evil android twin of Hawkgirl)
Hawkgirl>> Should I take that personally?
Green Lantern>> Just blowing off steam. After all, you broke my heart.
(Hawkgirl winds up and decapitates the evil android twin of Green Lantern)
Hawkgirl>> Likewise, I'm sure.

Superman>> I'm not the man who killed President Luthor, but I wish to heaven that I were.

Green Arrow>> If you think you've done your share, then fine! Leave! We'll throw you a parade! But the Justice League will go on!

Flash>> It's a force...a speed force...and it's calling me home.

Lex Luthor>> What do you know? I am the one who killed him.

Batman>> (utters something in Spanish)
Green Arrow>> (smiling) Who guards the guardians?

Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE Justice League Unlimited?

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