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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Sometimes, you don't want to know where a person gets his knowledge.

Tonight, on the news, we were watching a story about the medicinal marijuana being grown by the federal government. Apparently, the stuff being grown by the government is NOT "the good stuff." They showed pictures of the government's marijuana farm, and my father said this:

"Hmm. That's some pretty sickly looking marijuana."

Sometimes, you don't want to know.

So, here I am, unemployed, and I've been crying on some of my instructor's shoulders as to how slowly my job hunt is going. One instructor suggested that perhaps I try podcasting.

For those who don't know, "podcasting" is the latest way to do an Internet radio show, and a growing fad. See, in conventional Internet radio, you have to go to a specific website at a specific time to listen to the show live in streaming audio. But, with podcasting, you use a special program that automatically downloads the latest episode so you can listen to it at your leisure. People are starting to rig these special programs to download the radio shows straight into their iPods, hence the name "podcasting."

I've got to admit...my instructor's suggestion struck a chord. I've been toying with doing an Internet radio show for 5 years. Hell, back in my university days, I even proposed that Augustana's student radio station should broadcast over the Internet. Naturally, I was shot down...guess that was too radical for 1997.

I mean, why don't I? At the very least, it'll give me new stuff so I can spice up my demo now and then.

Right now, I'm researching to see what kind of programs *I* need to encode/upload a radio show.

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