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Friday, June 24, 2005

Well, I'm royally pissed. Tonight was the final episode of Justice League Unlimited. And I didn't see it. Why?

It all started yesterday. After a few giant gusts of wind blew through town, we lost YTV; the Justice League channel. I hoped it would correct itself. It didn't.

Today, I decided to call the cable company to complain. The cable company promptly told me that I could not talk to them, because the cable was not in my name. As the cable is in my parents' names, only my parents can make complaints and/or talk to customer service. I berated him a little bit, finally getting him to send the technician out...on Monday.

Customer Service Doofus>> Now, is there anything more I can do to help you?

Me>> Well, that's pretty stupid, seeing as to how you've already made it clear that you *can't* help me because the cable's not in my name.

And then I hung up on him. As I moved the receiver down towards the hook, I could hear him yelling his protestations and self-defences.

So, I guess YTV won't be fixed until Monday.

Meaning I've got a minimum of 13 weeks to kill before it shows up in reruns.

Time to put this high speed Internet through its paces...see if I can download a pirate copy.

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