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Thursday, June 23, 2005

I know it's totally wrong and illegal and all that, but I'd sure like to try one of these.

A Japanese fast food chain called Lucky Pierrot has begun selling a whale burger. It costs 380 yen, and tastes like beef and tuna.

Naturally, this is upsetting people because whaling is wrong and illegal, and Japan is still one of the biggest whaling countries on the planet.

I guess I shouldn't reveal then that I sampled some whale when I was in Japan.

I was at a sushi bar with a friend. He looked over the menu and said, "Hey, Mark. How'd you like to try some whale?" I said yes. A few minutes later, I sampled some whale sushi.

It tasted like...beef.

(Bet you thought I was going to say 'chicken.')

Meanwhile, I got another response from the government about my suggestion of offering passenger rail service to Fort McMurray. This one was from Minister of Economic Development Cliff Dunford...surprising in that I didn't send him the letter. It got forwarded to him from Ralph Klein.

Anyway, I got the song and dance about how they're working on a transportation plan. I'm still waiting for the reply from Lyle Oberg, as all these letters are being passed on to him.

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