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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

1 Month


I've been working here for one month now.

It always brings up the immortal question: when does "the new guy" stop being "the new guy?"

When I was in Japan, my boss pulled me aside and angrily told me to stop introducing myself as "the new guy" because I wasn't new anymore. I'd been working there for two weeks.

When I was doing my practicum at Cold Lake, one of my tasks one day was to go through all the imaging (those are the commercials that a radio station plays for itself) and edit out the word "new." According to my boss, we'd been around for 6 months, so we weren't new anymore.

I still feel like the new guy in many respects...generally whenever someone calls the station and says, "Hey! What happened to that girl?" (My predecessor was female.)

I think you stop being "the new guy" after 90 days. That's why the probationary period for most jobs is 90 days.

But I'm settling in. I"m finding my groove. But I'm still kind of new.

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