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Monday, May 01, 2006

More Drowsy Ramblings

I'll never forget working in Japan. When I first showed up in that country, my boss gave me heck for having a goatee. "Professionals in Japan don't have beards," she chided me. That soon led to a complaint about my love of wearing hats on my off hours. "Professionals in Japan don't wear hats," she chided me.

I was thinking of my old Japanese boss the other day, when I was covering the county council meeting. As we all know, it's currently the hockey playoffs, and, as is the tradition, several county councillers showed up wearing the jerseys of their favourite teams.

My old Japanese boss would have freaked out.

YES!! Jack of all Trades: The Complete Series is FINALLY coming to DVD!

For those who don't remember, Jack of all Trades was an absolutly hilarious action/comedy from the creators of Hercules and Xena. It lasted just 22 episodes back in Y2K.

B-movie god Bruce Campbell played Jack Stiles. The year was 1801. Jack Stiles was a secret agent for the still very new USA. Stiles's current mission took him to the tiny South Pacific island of Polau Polau. The island is currently under the control of Napoleon Bonaparte and the French empire. Stiles' mission: throw a monkeywrench into Napoleon's plans for world domination. Stiles chooses to do this by becoming a Zorro-like hero called "the Daring Dragoon." Aiding Stiles is Emilia Rothschilde, a super-sexy British secret agent.

As I said...it was freakin' hilarious. No word yet on a release date...all we know is it'll be out by the end of the year.

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