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Saturday, May 27, 2006

My new TV!!

My new TV!

Well, there it is folks. My housewarming present to myself. A nice, new TV. A Sony Wega 27" flat screen. (Yeah, it's flat screen, but not a plasma screen or LCD or anything like that.) I paid $399 + GST, which is exactly what I paid for my DVD player about 5 years ago. And I'm actually in a better position financially than when I bought my DVD player.

As you'll notice, my parents were also kind enough to box up and bring me my DVD player, and quite a few of my DVDs. Sadly, though, that's not all of my DVDs. My parents couldn't fit the rest in their truck. And, as is my way, I have to let that ruin my day.

Let me take inventory. These are all my DVDs still stuck in Entwistle:

- Everything Star Trek (in my case, that's all 10 movies and the first two seasons of TNG)
- The Back to the Future trilogy
- The Lord of the Rings trilogy
- Everything Disney
- Spider-Man

I should be looking on the bright side. Here's everything I *do* have:

- Everything Star Wars
- Everything Pixar
- Everything Batman
- Everything Marvel comics (except Spider-Man. Yup, I got #2, but not #1)
- Everything Studio Ghibli
- Everything Kevin Smith

So still lots to look forward to.

Besides, now I gotta go home and visit to get the rest of my DVDs...which I'm sure was Mom's plan all along.

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