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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Oogle Baka Cable TV

Am I really that addicted to television? Or is society?

I moved into my new place yesterday and, for the next 24 hours at least, I have nothing. No bed. No big comfy chair. No chair big enough for two to curl up in. No rocking chair for those who like to rock. No pots or pans or dishes, so I can't even cook or eat. But yet, what's been everyone's biggest concern?

"How will you survive without a TV?"

I just calmly reassure them that a TV is one of the things I'll be cramming in my car when I go home tomorrow, and yes, I can survive for the next day with only reading to entertain me.

But that got me thinking...is it time for a new TV?

I have a nice enough TV. My whole family chipped in and gave it to me for Christmas about 9 years ago. They figured I needed one for my dorm room at AUC. They got me a nice little TV/VCR combo. And it served me well. When I finished AUC, I set it up in my parents' basement, and that's where I'd watch my shows when the folks were watching something else.

But then I went to Japan, things got moved around, and it got boxed up and put in a corner. I didn't use it again until I was at my apartment in Cold Lake, and that's when I made some sad discoveries.

Firstly, the VCR part is shot. It just loves to eat video tapes now. And secondly, thanks to that VCR part, that TV does not like my DVD player. I hook up my DVD player and try to watch a DVD, and the colours go all wonky. The picture will fade up to really, really bright, and then fade down to really, really dark. And keep going back and forth like that. I've been told that this is a copy protection built into all DVD players...some how, a DVD player "knows" when it's hooked up to a VCR, and thus starts making the colours all wonky so you won't dub your DVDs. I've always wondered if using an RF converter to hook-up my DVD player would fool the VCR, and thus get around it.

But maybe I should just by myself a new TV...you know, as a nice little housewarming gift for myself.

I paid $400 for my DVD player five years ago. I see that, at that price, I can get a pretty good 25" TV for that price. (My little TV/VCR unit is only 13") And I have more money saved up right now than I did five years ago.

I think I"m talking myself into this.

But what good is all this unless I have DVDs to play?

Announced today that V for Vendetta will be hitting DVD on August 1. As has become the tradition, it'll be available in widescreen, full screen, and 2-disc super-special edition.

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