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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Cellphone Snapshots!

So, I got my new cellphone. Naturally, it's a camera phone. I wanted a phone that was more or less just like the one I had in Japan. But, I was impressed with this one. It takes a lot nicer pictures than my phone in Japan. So, I think I'll do what I threatened to do in Japan...a cellphone snapshot gallery!

It's rainy and I'm bored. As I was going for a walk between downpours, I came upon the Athabasca Pottery Club's Open House. They were showing off some of their creations, selling some of their works, giving demonstrations, and having free food. This is the table showing off some of the "not for sale" works.

When my parents dropped me off a week ago, Mom thought this was the funniest sign. Read it outloud the way she did: "Now hiring 2 chubby juniors." So, if you're a chubby junior, A&W's got a job for you!

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