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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Tuesday Morning

I'm probably going to say this for the only time in my life.

Calgary is better than Edmonton.

When the Calgary Flames made it to the Stanley Cup, this is the question that Calgary Police was asking:

"Jeez, what are we going to do about all the women flashing their breasts on the Red Mile?"

Now, the Edmonton Oilers are in the Stanely Cup final, and this is the question that, not only the Edmonton Police are asking, but all of Canada:

"Jeez, what are we going to do about the riots on Whyte Avenue?"

that's just one of the things I don't understand about sports. "Yay! My team won! Let's break stuff and hurt people to celebrate!"

But then, Whyte Ave has always been bad for that...ever since the now-infamous Canada Day Riots of 2001. It's like those who frequent Whyte Ave are always looking for an excuse to fight.

My co-worker turned to me today and said, "So, since you got the big, new TV, I guess next is going to be a gaming system, eh?"

Probably not. I don't know...I just haven't been that into video games in a really long time. PlayStation...XBox...it's all got no interest for me.

If ever do buy something, it'll probably be a Game Cube, so I can keep playing Pokemon.

But yeah...I don't have a good history with video game systems. It all started in 1989. Around Christmas that year, Mom started hinting that she was going to get my brother and me a video game system, but she coulnd't decide which one. I wanted a Nintendo. My brother wanted a Sega Master System. That led to the biggest fight my brother and I ever had. We got board games for Christmas.

So, I saved my paper route money and bought me a Game Boy. Best thing I ever did...Game Boy still has the record as the most successful video game system of all time. In Japan, my upstairs neighbour sold me his Game Boy Advance fro $50...only major upgrade I ever did.

And then there's the long and silly story of my Sega Saturn.

So, no video game system for me. Although, these TV games for around $20 look like fun. You've seen these, right? A fancy controller with about 5 or 6 Nintendo-quality games built in. There are some out there that look like they could be...amusing distractions.

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