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Monday, May 22, 2006

Another Cell Phone Snapshot!

Lesser Slave Lake
So, yesterday, while in search of a microwave, I decided to head north to Slave Lake. Got a good microwave at Canadian Tire for $60. But, while I was there, I knew I just had to make a side trip to the provincially-famous Lesser Slave Lake Provincial Park and see Lesser Slave Lake.

I went camping up there once when I was a kid, but I'd forgotten what a massive lake it is. Just water going on and on until it disappears behind the horizon. I'd never seen that.

Yeah, I know, I went to Vancouver, but I didn't get that "seeing nothing but water until it disappeared beyond the horizon" moment. In Vancouver, the effect is diminished when you keep seeing islands and peninsulas and all that in the way.

Oh, wait. I did get that moment once. In Japan. When I was visiting a friend in Saporro. I hopped the train and took a day trip out to a port town called Otaru. Riding the train...we came out of a tunnel...I looked out the window, and there was the endless Sea of Japan. And it was winter, too, so it was full of ice.

Wondering what to do with my holiday Monday. Should I run down to Edmonton, go to Future Shop, and buy my new TV? I was kind of planning on doing that next weekend, so I could see X-Men 3, too.

But then, I also gotta get my laundry done. I'm half-done right now...we'll see what things are like when it's done.

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