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Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Mr. Anderson always tells me how he hates seeing the world filled with mediocrity. Maybe this'll cheer him up. Paramount is being sued for making crappy Star Trek.

See, back in 1998, Activision entered into a 10-year contract with Paramount to be the exclusive manufacturer of Star Trek video games. We are at the halfway point of the contract, and all Paramount has put out is one crappy Star Trek movie and one crappy series. Activision claims that all this crappy Star Trek is starting to hurt their video game sales. So, they're suing to a) get out of their contract and b) be compensated for damages. Here's the complete story.

And, in other news, Canada had it's annual Canada Day parade. The winner for "float that makes you look twice" goes to Fig Tree Intamates, the local lingerie and sex shop, for their van, with two inflatable dolls on top, decked out in maple leaf undies. It's good to be home....

Next issue...The Return of the Laptop! (we hope)

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