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Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Yay! The 2-disc special edition of Star Trek V: The Final Frontier comes out in October! Among the bonus features will be test footage of the Rock Monster. Are you familiar with this story? At the climax of #5, the energy being that claims to be God gets all pissy and starts hurling lightening bolts at Capt. Kirk. Originally, the faux-God was going to create a Rock Monster to hunt down Capt. Kirk. Only problem was, the animatronic Rock Monster that was created was sooooooooo phony that they didn't use it. They hoped to put in a stop-motion animated Rock Monster later, but they ran out of money and they couldn't afford to put in any Rock Monsters.

When this DVD project was first announced, Director and star William Shatner did ask if he could go and put in a computer animated Rock Monster, because now it could be done so cheaply. But, Paramount said, "Nope. #5 is the biggest bomb of the series. It's not worth the trouble."

But, we'll get to see what little of the Rock Monster was filmed.

Next issue...Wrath of the Rock Monsters

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