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Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Well, I was going to not bother doing this, but then when I saw Finding Nemo with Trouble the other day, she tells me that she's reading these, mainly because she doesn't have cable TV and can't watch these for herself. With that in mind, here's what happened on last week's two episodes of the new He-Man:

Snake Pit - We open deep with in the dungeons of the Palace of Eternia. With the assistance of his reptillian sidekick, Kobra Kahn manages to escape. This causes great distress for Man-At-Arms, and he soon calls Teela and Prince Adam to his side to explain why Kobra Kahn is so dangerous. Kobra Kahn, you see, is the last survivng Snake Man. Centuries ago, the Snake Men were a viscious warrior race who, under the leadership of their ruler King Hiss, just about managed to enslave all of Eternia. But, thanks to Eternia's Council of Elders and the mysitcal alien warrior known as Zodac, the Snake Men were banished into the the Void. The entry door to the Void is deep within the heart of the Snake Men's old stronghold - Snake Mountain. Man-At-Arms, Prince Adam, and Teela make off for Zodac's remote mountain shrine, knowing they will need Zodac's help in this battle. Meanwhile, Kobra Kahn makes his way to Snake Mountain, intent on freeing his bretheren. There, he pledges his loyalty to Skeletor, but it is all a ruse to gain access to Snake Mountain. Back with our heroes, Man-At-Arms, Adam and Teela have found Zodac and informed him of the situation. Zodac understands and charges off into battle - alone. This troubles and offends Adam and Teela, but Man-At-Arms understands. King Hiss, you see, killed Zodac's brother. Our heroes pursue Zodac anyway, knowing he'll need help eventually. Zodac arrives at Snake Mountain and proceeds to break down the doors and mop the floor with Skeletor's henchmen. Seeing his opportunity, Kobra Kahn sneaks away in the chaos to the Void. Zodac easily restrains Skeletor and his forces and goes off after Kobra Kahn. Skeletor, however, manages to escape and follows Zodac. Finally, Man-At-Arms, Teela, and Adam arrive. They sprint past all of Skeletor's restrained henchmen and make their way to the Void, where they find Zodac. But it is too late. Kobra Kahn has opened the Void. The first one to crawl out is King Hiss's general, Rattlor. Rattlor brings with him a squadron of his finest Snake Men soldiers, and the battle ensues. As the battle begins, Adam sneaks off to become He-Man. So, we've got Zodac, He-Man, Man-At-Arms, and Teela slugging it out with an army of Snake Men. At this point, Skeletor shows up, impressed that Kobra Kahn has recruited the Snake Men for his own forces. Kobra Kahn plays along for a while, but soon Skeletor sees where Kobra Kahn's true loyalties lie. The battle rages as more Snake Men soldiers crawl out of the Void. The battle gets more and more intense, and soon, He-Man himself plummets into the Void. He-Man hits the ground hard and is knocked unconscious. Snake Men soldiers pick up He-Man's body, and drag him in offering to King Hiss. Zodac jumps into the Void, intent on saving He-Man. He-Man wakes up just in time to see King Hiss's shadowy form emerging from the Void. This is when Zodac arrives and frees He-Man. Zodac wants to stay behind and avenge his brother, but He-Man says, "Either we all go home or no one goes home." He-Man and Zodac leave together, leaving King Hiss in the Void. When they get outside, they see that Man-At-Arms, Teela, and Skeletor have been keeping busy battling the Snake Men. Knowing it's time to end this, Zodac jams his staff into the Void's lock, and the Void begins sucking the Snake Men back in. But it's not powerful enough. He-Man jams in his sword along side Zodac's staff, and begins pouring the Power of Greyskull into the Void. The Void soon manages to pull all the Snake Men back in, and the Void is resealed. But, Kobra Kahn and General Rattlor managed to stay out and they sneak off into the darkness. Skeletor allows our heroes to return home. Back at the palace, Zodac admits that he was a fool to try and take on the Snake Men by himself. He-Man offers his understanding, and Zodac becomes a Master of the Universe.

I thought this week's second episode, Trust, was a little lame. Besides, it's getting late. I'll transcribe it tomorrow.

Next issue...The Story to End Some Stories

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