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Thursday, July 03, 2003

WOO!! Vancouver got the 2010 Winter Olympics! Who's coming with me?

Sooo, today's obsession is action figures. Mainly, Star Trek ones. It was the Star Trek figures that first got me into action figure collecting. When the Playmates Trek figures first came out, I got myself Riker at a Star Trek convention. I figured he needed a villain, so I got a Borg drone. Then DS9 figures came out, then Star Wars, and it all went downhill.

Anyway, now that I'm back home, I see that there are new Star Trek figures out. Really cool ones from a company called Art Asylum. So far, they've got 3 lines of figures out. There's the requisite tie-in for Enterprise, the requisite tie-in for Star Trek Nemesis, and the line that intrigues me the most, Borg Assimilation. This line features classic Star Trek aliens who have been turned into Borg drones. There are only three: Klingon, Cardassian, and Hirogen. Now see, THAT'S a great idea for Star Trek action figures. We all know that this has happened in the Star Trek universe, so why not give it to us? This is a truly a nifty way to expand the Star Trek universe in toy form. ToyFare once mention that Art Asylum is planning a similar line called Warriors of Kahless, which would be nothing but bad-ass Klingon warriors.

But, Toys R Us was out of Borg Assimilation. All they had was Nemesis and Enterprise. And from the thick layer of dust, I could tell they weren't big sellers. The question now before me is which Enterprise figure do I get? With all the other Star Trek shows, I had one simple mandate: get only my favourite characters. The only real exception to that are the ToyFare exclusives I managed to pick up. But, the problem here is, I really don't have a favourite character on Enterprise. I'm indifferent to all of them. I don't know. I guess I really don't identify with any of the Enterprise characters the way I identified with Odo. But I do want to get one because, hey, I'm a Trekkie. It's my nature. I'll probably wind up with communications officer Hoshi Sato, because:

a) They don't make enough female action figures, so I should support the cause.
b) My time in Japan seems to have temporarily left me with a thing for Asian chicks.

Speaking of ToyFare exclusives, I just went nuts at ToyFare's online store and bought a few more for my collection. In 6-8 weeks, I'll be getting Vacation Fozzie Bear from the The Muppet Show line, and the Snake Eyes and Scarlett 2-pack from the G.I. Joe line. Vacation Fozzie I've been obsessing about since September, when ToyFare first offered it. I'm thinking of it as the welcome home present to myself.

Next issue...The Call of the Huntress!

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