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Thursday, July 31, 2003

WOO! Finding Nemo just kicked The Lion King's ass and became the #1 animated film of all time! Let's hope that Pixar can finally renegotiate their deal with Disney. See, under the current deal, Pixar and Disney split everything - profits and expenses - 50/50. Pixar wants that to change to where they get all the profits, pay all the expenses, and just pay Disney a flat rate for distribution. It's the same deal Lucasfilm has with 20th Century Fox for the Star Wars films.

I did some more window shopping at Star Trek Toys. They actually have one of the more obscure Star Trek action figures that I want, and they have it for a decent price too. See, the Star Trek figures of the 1990s were made by Playmates Toys. Playmates dominated toy shelves in the late 80s and early 90s with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures. So, in the early 90s, there was a brief overlap where Playmates made both Star Trek and Ninja Turtles. Obviously, Playmates saw money to be made and combined the two. That's right, they made a brief line of Star Trek Ninja Turtles. This set of four figures featured Leonardo as Captain Kirk, Donatallo as Spock, Rapheal as Bones, and Michaelangelo as Scotty. Why they never bothered with Klingon Captain Shredder or Orion Slave Girl April O'Neil we'll never know. But still, being a Turtles fan at the time, and with Donatello being my favourite, I did kind of desire the Donatello as Spock figure.

In case you're curious, my Star Trek action figure wish list runs like this:

The Doctor from Star Trek Voyager
General Chang from Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
Donatello as Mr. Spock from that Star Trek Ninja Turtles line
The Borg Queen from Star Trek First Contact

I'd also kind of like to get an Ezri Dax figure. They never made one. Can you believe it? Sadly, the final season of Deep Space Nine happened in a grey period when no one was making Star Trek figures.

Next issue...the Lives of Dax

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