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Saturday, July 05, 2003

Hmm. Now that I'm back home in Canada, I feel more interested in following Japanese movie news. I was reading today that over 1,000,000 advance tickets for Pokemon 6 have been sold. It opens in Japan in two weeks. If only I stayed for two more months!

This kind of slides in what happned to me today. While I was in Japan, I loved to eat the Pokemon-brand pastries. All kinds of Pokemon-style Twinkies and stuff like that. Each one came with a free Pokemon sticker. Not knowing what to do with them, I'd stick them on my laptop. My laptop is still in the hands of Future Shop's tekkies, undergoing repairs. They told me it'd be ready 4-5 days. As of today, it's been 8 days. So, I phoned them up to ask what was taking so long. They asked for my name and the make & model of my laptop. After a brief pause, the tekkie asked me, "Is that the one with the Pokmeon stickers on it?" I said, "Yes." Anyway, they're waiting for replacement parts.

That's *also* why there's been no Monthly Spam for July yet. For one brief, shining moment when I returned home, my laptop was working fine. In that one brief, shining moment, I downloaded all my e-mail onto my laptop, which included my only back-up copy of my Monthly Spam mailing list. No spam until I get it back.

On an unrelated topic, I watched Star Trek IV on DVD again. It makes me curious about the history of trekkie kind. Way back in 1986, as trekkies huddled in darkened theaters to be the first to see The Voyage Home, how many just totally geeked out at the end, with the big reveal that their new ship was the Enterprise-A? You know, with no Internet back then, I guess it was easier to keep an ending like that a secret.

Next issue...The Secret of Anwat Gar

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