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Saturday, September 25, 2004


I'm never gonna get to watch Star Wars!

My plans to do it this Saturday were shattered back on Thursday, when my parents finally revealed to me that they've volunteered to host a family reunion for a distant cousin at our house today. Naturally, I've been drafted to help out.

Ya know, the most frustrating thing about living at home is the automatic assumption that I know what's going on. "What? What do you mean you need the car today? What do you mean this has been planned for months? How am I going to get to work?" is something I said far too often over the summer.

I think it's time to get an RF converter from Radio Shack, dig out my old TV/VCR combo from my dorm days, and hook up my DVD player to my that. Only thing is I have no idea where I'd set it up. That, and the VCR in that combo has developed quite a taste for video tapes and tends to eat every tape I put in it.

Oh, well. Here's a show-prep worthy news bit:

Martha Stewart has made one big business deal before being shipped off to prison. She's signed a deal with Mark Burnett, the reality TV guru who created Survivor and The Apprentice. No word yet on what a Martha Stewart reality show will entail, but some are predicting that it'll have to with Stewart's reputation as being a perfectionist. I'm holding out for Martha and her Bitches: Life in the Big House for Girls.

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