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Sunday, September 19, 2004

Wow! Have I really let it go this long without an update? Anyway, first things first. This week's column, Tin Man's Lament:

"When I was younger, splitting wood was one of those chores I tried to avoid not because I was lazy, but because I was scared. I always had visions of missing the log, the axe flying out of control, and I’d end up driving the axe into my shin. Thus, whenever I got the nerve to attempt splitting wood, I’d raise the axe above my head, and bring it down with a small fraction of my strength. Normally, I’d be lucky to drive the axe a quarter of the way through the wood. But that was then. This is now. I placed a log on the chopping block, raised the axe above my head, and brought it down with all my might. Two pieces of firewood went flying in opposite directions as the axe sank into the chopping block with a satisfying thud. Physical activity always helps me think. "

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Managed to catch Justice League Unlimited back on Friday. I really like my Justice League. Last Friday's episode was called For the Man Who Has Everything, and was based on a story by comic book legen Alan Moore. It was like this. Batman and Wonder Woman are off to the Fortress of Solitude to drop off their birthday presents for Superman. But, when they get there, they find that Superman is in a catatonic state, victim of a gift from alien warlord Mongul. So, while Wonder Woman goes about beating the crap out of Mongul, Batman tries to free Superman.

So, what does this plant do? It traps you in your utopia. Superman was trapped in a dream world in which Krypton never blew up, and he was happily married on Krypton where he made a living as a humble farmer. His wife was a hell of a lot like Lois Lane, and he even had a kid. So, of course, when Batman got Superman out of this, Superman was very, very pissed.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. There's something very cool about seeing Superman getting blinded by anger and just launching into a berzerker rage.

Speaking of Superman, have you heard this? Monty Python alum John Cleese is writing a Superman graphic novel! This John Cleese graphic novel is called Superman: True Brit. This asks the humble question, "What if Superman's spaceship landed in the UK and Superman was raised by British farmers?" In this Elseworld, "Colin Kent" is a reporter for a sleezy British tabloid, and poor ol' Superman is relentlessly hounded by said tabloids.

It's somewhat similar to the series of Superman graphic novels entitled Superman: Red Son. This asks the question, "What if Superman's spaceship landed in the Communist Soviet Union, during the time of Stalin's rule?" So yeah. This one features Superman spreading communism across the globe and is eventually named Stalin's successor.

And I'm continuing my Pokemon journey in Pokemon: Sapphire Edition. It's all about capturing now. I used to be somewhat picky about which pokemon I captured and which I didn't, but now that I'm the champion, I just catch them all. I"m getting so many now....

And I'm ready to make a run for the Regi. I may have let the mythical dragon pokemon Rayquazza slip through my fingers, but I can still catch three mythcial pokemon called the Regi. I have to catch two specific pokemon, head to an undersea cave, and that'll unlock three ruins. Then, I go to each of these ruins where I can catch Regi-Rock, Regi-Ice, and Regi-Steel. And this time, I'll do what I should have done with Rayquazza. At the point where I'm about to battle, I'll SAVE THE DARN GAME! And then, if I fail in capturing the Regi, I'll just turn of my GAme Boy, start it back up, restore my game, and do it all over again.

Next Issue...Showtime!

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