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Friday, September 03, 2004

Double no!

The 2-disc special edition of Star Trek Gernerations has also been delayed! It was originally going to come out Tuesday. Now, it's going to come out...later. Why? There's a typo on the packaging!

Short story long: Originally, the set was going to have the trailers. But, due to some legality, Paramount couldn't put the trailers on the disc. The packaging, however, was already printed up listing the trailers as among the bonus features. Originally, they were going to just say "Screw it," and release the disc as-is, but now they've decided to recall the DVD and take some white-out to all the packaging.

Damn you, Paramount!

And today's movie news tidbit: George Lucas himself is going to write Indiana Jones 4. You may remember earlier this year that Frank Darabont was writing a screenplay based on Lucas's outline, but Lucas declared Darabont's script to be complete crap. So, look for Lucas to do to Indy 4 the same stellar job he did with Episode I.

Next Issue...The Sword of Arthur.

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