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Monday, September 06, 2004

Something happened to me tonight that really made my day.

See, one of my little side projects at school this semester is getting a little cross-promotion action going with The Nugget, NAIT's student paper. So, I hatched this plot. I got my very good friend Kenten Bowick to draw a few comic strips telling people how to listen to NR92. I ran this idea by Kenten when he was visiting a month ago and he said, "Cool. You write 'em, I'll draw 'em."

Well, today, Kenten sent me the first two. And my I say I FUCKING LOVE THEM!! Kenten, you truly are a god! This is making me more excited to see what Under the Bed will be like when it's done!

Once again, thank you Kenten! I wish I had a really, really nice present to give you....

Next Issue...Clicky Clicky Yeah!

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