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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Here's a last-minute bit of show prep. Noticed this online, thought it'd be cool.

On November 21, the Nintendo DS will hit store shelves. This is Nintendo's next generation of hand-held game systems. What makes this unique is it has two screens. It flips open, like the current Game Boy Advance SP, and the second screen rests between the control pad and the A and B buttons. This second screen is a lot like the screen on a PDA, meaning you select things by pointing at them with a special pen. It includes stereo sound and wireless multiplay.

Oh, and it'll be backwards compatable with all your old Game Boy Advance and Game Boy games.

What's really notable is that this is the first time a new video game system comes out in North America BEFORE it comes out in Japan. It hits Japanese shelves on December 2.

And now, I must do a radio show.

Next Issue...Why Aren't You Listening?

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